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So you've taken an interest in who brought you this wonderful page! Well good for you, there should be more spice fans like you out there!

Real Name: Brett
Age: 16
Gender: Male (go for it all you spice boys out there!)
Interests: Other than my undying obsession for the girls, I love to perform, and dancing is my favourite, both seriously and in the underage clubs. I also like to muck around with songs on my keyboard. Also I love scanning the net for new additions I can add to my page for all of you!
Marital Status: Single (sob!), but seeing as too many chicks have f*#?ed up my life with their stupid carry ons, I'm planning on keep it that way for a while.

My current theatrical projects: Right now I'm in the process for rehearsing for my school play! I obviously passed my auditions with flying colours as they offered me the lead role! I'm going to play Tony in our production of 'West Side Story', and I'm so chuffed about it!!!

By the way, I just finished dancing for the Good Friday Variety Gala and I was on television! I wasn't on much as the camera focused itself around the star we were dancing for, but all my friends picked me out, and I was happy with that.

Contact me:
ICQ#: 22071414

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