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The Game:

The Mixing Room

After you have chosen your girl, you are sent to the 'Mixing Room', where you are able to choose which song you would like to work with. The available choices are: Wannabe, Spice Up Your Life, Say You'll Be There, Who Do You Think You Are, and Move Over. You then you have to arrange the parts of the song into a mix that suits your liking. Some of the sounds sound really bad together, but it is possible to get a fairly good track.
Dance Practice
After you've cut your mix, it's straight off to 'Dance Practice', where you're taught by the dance instructor all the moves you'll need to know. Each girl has 11 moves, and while some are the same, each girl also has a few moves unique to them (eg. Mel C's backflip). It may take a while to get the button sequences right, but once they are learned you may move on.
Dance Record
One you've learned all the sequences to make your girl dance then it's time to choreograph a dance in the 'Dance Record' section. While your track plays in the background, you key in your dance moves. It is a good idea to refer to your booklet so that you can get the moves you want. After you've put down the moves, it's time to do the same for the rest of the group (there is a copy option which allows you to copy the last girls dance, making the Dance Record section a lot quicker and easier).
TV Studio
When all the girls have their moves down it's off to the 'TV Studio' to make the video. You control the camera angles as the animated Spice Girls dance to the song which you mixed and the dance you arranged. The completed video can look really good if you put a lot into it.
Spice Network
The last feature in the game is the 'Spice Network', which is a 30 minute mini-documentry of exclusive Spice Girls interviews and footage and shots from their concert in Istanbul. The questions are asked in a different order each time you watch.
The game is unfortunately only designed one player, but it's memory card compatible, so you can save your videos for later viewing.

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