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1) Where was the original Spice Girls audition?

2) What is the name of Victorias new baby?

3) Which awards ceremony did Mel C make a quiet appearance at recently?

4) Which type of food does Victoria HATE?

5) What song includes the words "I'll take you where you can run but you can't hide"?

6) What Spice Girls Song appears on the Sabrina: The Teenage Witch soundtrack?

7) In Spiceworld: the Movie, which Spice Girl said "Do not make her laugh or it will just shoot out like a cannonall!"?

8) What does the translation of the If U Can't Dance rap talk about?

9) In Emma's first stage appearance, what bird did she play?

10) What type of car did Victoria's dad used to drive her to school in?

Check back for a new quiz each week!

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