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After only knowing eachother seven months, Melanie Brown married Jimmy Gulzar, a former Dutch break dancing champion, in the English village of Little Marlow. The couple met when Jimmy was chosen to be Mel's dance partner while working on the Spiceworld tour. The couple claim they didn't marry due to Mel's pregnancy, as Jimmy asked for her hand in marriage five months before the wedding when he visited her parents and formally asked for their daughter's hand in marriage.

Around 3, the guests started to pour in. Mel C and Emma arrive minutes before Victoria who was accompanied by soccer star fiance David Beckham. Not seen, however, was Geri, who is still thought to be on good terms with the girls despite her spontaneous departure. She was invited, but sent back a card declining. She later commented that it was Mel's day, and she didn't want to create any trouble, or steal the limelight from her.

All the guests were asked to wear white. Jimmy soon appeared with his two best men- brother Ruud Slootte and best friend Brian Osborne, wearing a white shirt, and a gold jacket and tie. At 4pm the bride made her entrance. She wore a gown designed by D Squared. The dress was white silk with a fitted bodice and a long skirt. She also wore a gold chain-mail top, gold armbands, a diamante head piece and was decorated with ostrich feathers.

The reception was held in one of the two marquees that were set up for the day. The wedding table was complete with two golden thrones and above it sat a large golden buddha. During the meal traditional Indian dancers performed to sitar music. After meal time the couple changed into their party gear for a hot night of salsa dancing!

To make the occasion complete, the couple decided to get tattoos done. Mel's ring finger had 'Melanie and Jimmy' inscribed on it, and also the letter P marked on it, in which the couple has kept the meaning secret. The P is rumoured to be the first inital of their unborn child's name.

At the end of the night the guests were treated to a fireworks display while music from Phamtom Of The Opera played in the backgroud.

This wedding proved to be a spectacular event, and most definitley the wedding of '98. I for one can't wait for Victoria's to see if she can' top her fellow group members' effort.

- Pics from New Idea magazine, 26/9/98 edition

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