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Full name: Victoria Adams
Louise and Christian
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Dark brown
Musical Tastes:
Anita Baker, George Michael,Maxwell, Sounds of Blackness and Toni Braxton

Life Before Spice

Victoria's childhood was a very comfortable one. Her parents owned a successful electrical goods wholesale dealership, and were able to afford luxuries such as a large house and expensive cars. Victoria had most of the material possesions that most children longed for.

Even in her earliest childhood, Victoria had aspirations to become a star. She was always dancing about and showing off, and displayed much potential. At the age of eight, her mother Jackie enroled her in a dance school. From the moment she started she dazzled her teachers, and with the right training was sure to make it to the top. By the age of twelve she had mastered many styles of dance, and was the shining talent of her school.

However her life wasn't as carefree as it seemed, as her dancing took up most of her free time she didn't have much time for socialising, and at school, apart from a few friends, she wasn't very popular at all. Away from the stage she was a quiet girl who took her schoolwork very seriously. She copped a lot of flack for not being as "cool" as the others, she was seen as a "goody-goody", and found herself the target of bullying. Even if she wanted to become apart of this group her mother wouldn't have let her as she " wanted hher daughter to have worthwhile interestgs and a wider perspective on life".

After school, Victoria recieved a place at the Laine Theature Arts school in Surrey. She boarded at the school, but again found the girls she resided with to be bitchy towards her. After passing all her exams there, she moved into the audition world, and apart from landing a part as a chorusline dancer in a Birmingham production, she endured countless knock-backs. She scored her break when she was asked to join a band called Persuasion, but still attended auditions after being accepted. During this period she attended Chris Herbert's all girl pop group audition, and was accepted also. She began to lead a double life, trying to meet the rehearsal schedules of both bands, but in the end left Persuasion to focus on what would become the biggest pop group ever, The Spice Girls.

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