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Full name: Melanie Jayne Chisholm
DOB: 12/1/74
Birthplace: Whiston Hospital, Merseyside
Mother: Joan O'Neill
Father: Alan Chisholm
Siblings: Jad, Stuart, Paul, Liam and Declan
Height: 168cm
Weight: 57 kg
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Medium brown (but often seen dyed black with blue or red streaks)
Musical Tastes: Favourite artist of all times is Stevie Wonder. Also likes Blur, Oasis, Supergrass, and Bruce Willis.
Favorite TV Show: Brookside

Life Before Spice

Mel grew up in Liverpool in a semi detached house, with father Alan, a travel firm manager, and mum Jaon, a secretary. At the time Mel was an only child, and was described as a happy, and very energetic child. When he was seven, her parents decided to separate, and Melanie went on to live with her mother. They lived in Widnes, Cheshire with Joan's new boyfriend, Den O'Neil. Soon afterwards Mel's first half brother Paul was born, and together with Den's older boys, Mel was no longer classed as an only child.

Mel attended high school at Fairfield County High, where in which her passion for the arts grew. She was often involved in school plays, or other such activites involving acting, dancing or singing. Back then, Mel was not looked on as a tomboy, and would certainly not be nicknamed 'Sporty'.She was a school prefect, and quite a lady. She was always quiet, and all the boys fancied her. When she was fifteen, Mel experienced her first serious relationship. His name was Ryan Wilson, and she was with him for almost two years before the decided to break up. Mel was leaving Widnes to attend the Doreen Bird Dance School in Sidcup, Kent.

She was dedicated, and hardworking at Doreen Bird's, when she arrived her voice wasn't all that great, but she stayed focused. Her dream was to star in Cats, and after she left the school she just missed out on a role in the musical. She went from audition to audition, not having much luck, until she heard about the audition with Chris Herbert...

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