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Full name: Melanie Janine Gulzar
DOB: 29/5/75
Birthplace: Yorkshire
Mother: Andrea
Father: Martin
Siblings: Danielle
Height: 5"5
Weight: 112 lbs
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Naturally brown/black, although sometimes is dyed lighter
Musical Tastes: Jungle, hip-hop and rap

Life Before Spice

Mel grew up in the Burley area of Leeds. She lived with her parents Andrea and Martin Brown, a couple who had faced many racial predujudices concerning their mixed marriage. Martin was from Nevis, an island in the Carribean, and was a night shift worker at an engineering factory. Although at times money may have been tight, Melanie and her sister Danielle had a happy childhood. Mel was a keen performer, and always stood out in her ballet class. She had natural rhythm, and it became clear to her that her career would be in the performing arts.

She went to Intake High School, and there she was involved in many school productions. Then, she was still as loud as she is today, and spoke her mind always. While she was there she was also taught to write pop songs, and also started to learn to play the drums. As a tennager she always wore bright colours, and kept up with the latest trends. Her mixed nationality gave her an open mind towards life, but also brought her some racial discrimination.

After she left high school, she did a two year course at Leeds College of Music, where she became an accomplished drummer, and at the same time she attended the Northern School of Comtemporary Dance. She very much liked to party, and often was seen nightclubbing all over town, and at one stage even earned extra money by dancing on a podium in a bikini for £3 an hour.

Later on Mel moved to London to join the Starlight Express trainee rollerskating school. While in London she went for many auditions, but was unlucky in all. On the day of the audition for the Spice Girls at Dance Works, Mel was there auditioning for a job on a six month cruise. She happened to bump into a friend on her way out who recommended she give this audition a try...

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